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It all started when

I have been a creative human being my entire life. I started dancing at the age of three and have not stopped. I have studied Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Contact, Afro-Hatian, Afro-Brazilian, Release, Body-Mind Centering and Conscious Dance of all forms. I have also been making art around the same time. I became more serious with my art making in High School and went on to study photography, video, performance and painting. 

My love for dance, art and human beings has brought me to my own zeitegeist. A blend of mediums and forms to create joy and freedom in expression. 

In today's world, we do so much left-brained stuff, we are zoned out, we need to tap into ourselves, our emotions and our creative source.

Social Media, Texting, Instagram and Computer Screens are keeping us connected through our left brain, our thinking mind. These forms of communication are giving us a false sense of connection. What they are doing is keeping us disconnected to ourselves and others.

I believe in human contact and human interaction.