The Talking Body

Who Is The Talking Body For?

 We offer a practice to balance your left and right brainwork for a creative and productive lifestyle, and to reach a harmony between creativity and productivity, expression and expectations. 

The Talking Body provides tools and an outlet for those who are seeking to reconnect their physical, emotional, and mental bodies. Clients include: people who are in transition, students looking to boost their confidence and manifest their goals, corporate teams looking to improve workflow and presence, new mothers, left-brained software engineers seeking an outlet for their creativity, people with personal traumas, such as the loss of a loved one, and professional creatives and artists.

“In the fast-moving world of the 21st century… creativity is not a luxury reserved for the best artists, painters, and scientists, but rather a basic skill that, if tapped, will help people succeed. And, better still, it can improve if exercised.” 

— Dr. Shelley Carson, Your Creative Brain


What Does A Session Look Like? 

Through simple movement exercises we explore and connect your physical, mental, and emotional body. Tools include force, time, repetition; body metaphors are used to spark imagination, creating new ways of thinking, feeling, and manifesting expression. 

Drawing and writing access creativity and expression of our imagination and personal narratives. Personal themes, patterns and stories can be discovered through experimentation with various movement and art exercises creating new ways of seeing, feeling and imagining.

Each coaching session, class, or workshop is custom to the theme or client’s needs. To better understand what The Talking Body can specifically do to cater to your needs: whether you are a group of students looking to balance your excitement, energy, and focus; a team of coworkers seeking connectivity; a creative entrepreneur looking to push their boundaries; or a software engineer seeking a different outlet to engage and be present. Contact us for a free consultation to see what we can do for you. 


About Maggie Silverman


Maggie has been involved in the arts for over thirty years and dance for most of her life. A certified Tamalpa Practitioner, certified Somatic Movement Educator and Teacher, certified Massage Therapist, visual artist, director and producer of video and public art projects synthesizing her knowledge of the body, mind and creativity. She is the co-founder and co–owner of a health and wellness center in Berkeley, CA.   Maggie has worked with The White Ribbon Alliance, The University of Puget Sound, Demo Tech Conference, Camp Tawonga, International Museum of Women, and Slap Advertising Agency to name a few. When she is not dancing she is probably traveling, cooking or hanging out with her two adult children, husband. For more on Maggie and her body of work, visit