I believe that movement/dance and the arts are a pathway to health and wellness. When we trust the wisdom of our bodies and our creativity we experience a new way of seeing, feeling and imagining our relationship to our selves and others. The expressive arts is a non-verbal way to tap into ones inner wisdom and knowledge.

"If your body could speak, what would it say?" Daria Halprin

What happens in a session?

Get Out of the Right Brain Miracle System

Check-in: I listen to where you’re at that day

  1. Devise appropriate movement process related to what’s needed - I guide you through this 

  2. Tune into body and breath

  3. Do a drawing, write a poem, create a collage to express something that came up

  4. Download and share thoughts and feelings that might have come up during the session. This can be in a narrative form or creative non-verbal form. A non-analytic reflection can also occur allowing feedback on what was seen, heard, felt and noticed during the session.

(This is a fluid process as you become familiar with it, and I do provide structure)

Benefits of Doing this

* You will feel more alive and connected to your physical body

 *Learn how to tap into your creative self

*New resources and tools to use when faced with a problem, trauma, or want to create a new vision

We work out of my Orinda Studio that is set in a natural landscape, a 10 -15 minute drive from Berkeley and Oakland.

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