Working with me only takes one thing, YOU! Yes, You and a willingness to say YES. By Saying Yes to working with the Talking Body means you are interested in working in the expressive arts and with your creativity. 

To be creativity is; to be lost, to not know the answers, to be curious and willing to try new things, to making a mess and messing up, to take a risk and to experimentation.

I use the Expressive Arts and Dance to explore personal growth, trauma both past and present that are personal and or communal and life changes that are wanting to be explored. I use Expressive Arts and Dance to feel alive, creative and in my physical body. 

 *Moving the body helps get us out of the mental and into the physical.

*Creating Art allows for imagination and often helps us gain insight into a problem or situation.

*Written word, story and poetry puts the narrative into creative w

(This can be a fluid process as you become familiar with it, but I do provide structure)

Sessions are typically 60- 90 minutes. At the beginning of the session we will have a 5-10 minute verbal check in about what issue you would like to work with. Depending on where you are at, movement, drawing, collage, paint and writing might be explored. A non-analytic reflection will occur allowing feedback on what was seen, heard, felt and noticed during the session.

Possible take home activities might be suggested.

I believe the benefits of working with The Talking Body takes at least How the two-month package works.

You sign up for 4 one hour session.You come to me and we work out of my home. With these four sessions you will get all my classes for free. I will have a bi-monthly class Thursday evenings starting in September. Dates, time and place to be announced.

Prompts/easy assignments between sessions

A package of 4 sessions is $600