I felt such a natural flow, ease of expression and unfolding throughout the workshop. Much of this had to do with the safe and allowing space created by you Maggie. From layered layers of movements in body, in hand, in eyes, in speech and back to body, I felt a simultaneous deepening within myself and surfacing of energies ready to let go.
I particularly enjoyed the sensory process of drawing, the repetition of coloring, the sounds of shading my arising emotions, the visual representation of energies alive and enlivened on paper. Super cool!
Eugenia Park
Massage Therapist and Ayurvedic Practitioner
Maggie Silverman not only walks her talk, she dances it and draws it, too, and she helps others do the same in her workshops. Through gentle questions and guidance, she inspires us to integrate mind, heart, and body knowing through movement, art, and verbal sharing. Maggie creates a space of support and unconditional acceptance for whatever bubbles up, and we leave refreshed and reconnected with ourselves at the end of the experience.
Cynthia Leslie-Bole
Poet, Writer and Life Coach
The workshop has continued to remain a source. You have a gift of moving people forward without imprinting any personality to the work. You stepped into the background each time and allowed for the true expression to come forth. That is a rare talent from a teacher and you are a gifted teacher. I would happily join in again.  Clearly the respect from all, a feeling of a safe haven was established very quickly. 
Julie Trachtenberg
Landscape Designer, Artist

Thank you! Everything was beautiful and I loved the serenity of the day. Such a welcome gift in such a busy world. The workshop is a wonderful and beautiful expression of your heart.
Caroline Lovell
Founder of Womens Wisdom Initiative and Traveling Postcards
"Maggie's workshop was a gentle invitation to open into both my body and creative self.
Her guidance invoked curiosity and engagement. I felt held and supported."
Valerie Chafograck Teacher of Conscious Dance, Soul MotionTM