Our Mission

When you are stuck in the busy logistic mode there is no space for creativity and you actually are less productive and don’t get the stuff you want to get done, completed. Not accomplishing what is truly important to you. You are busy with task and details,

 The Talking Body gives you the creative space that allows for greater productivity, joy and connection. In a very accessible way we take simple tools of art, writing, movement and performance to an experiential process that opens up new pathways of seeing, understanding and feeling and apply them to a journey of discover.

The Talking Body is a creative transformational process exploring the body, mind and spirit. The relationship between our emotional, mental and imaginal life.

“Maggie’s workshop was a gentle invitation to open into both my body and creative self.
Her guidance invoked curiosity and engagement. I felt held and supported.”
— Valerie Chafograck Teacher of Conscious Dance, Soul MotionTM