The Talking Body

Dance. Draw. Write. Play.

Connect more deeply and joyously within your relationships as well as your work. Get out from behind the desk and learn how to balance logic, emotion, creativity, and productivity for a harmonious peace between your mind and body. No experience in dance, drawing, or writing necessary. 

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Creativity Through Mind/Body Awareness Workshop


Sundays | 10:00AM - 1:30PM |
 $45 May 19
Jeffrey Bihr Studio | 5390 Miles Avenue Oakland, CA

If your body could speak what would it say? 

This class will explore the physical, mental and imaginal landscapes of the body, mind and soul through movement, drawing, poetry, writing and performance. Through individual and group experiences new tools and resources will be gained that will renew, regenerate and inspire the whole being. Curriculum is based on The Life/Art Process® pioneered by Anna Halprin and Daria Halprin.

"I loved that taking this class carved out some time in my life to entirely focus on checking in with myself and connecting in unforeseeable ways with others. You brought us together in mind body and spirit and gave us space to make personal discovery.” - E. Miller

All are welcome: no previous experience in dance/art necessary; art materials provided.

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One-on-one coaching provides creative resources and tools to help move through life’s transitions, navigate personal traumas and grow self confidence. Get out from behind the desk and learn how to balance logic, emotion, creativity, and productivity for a harmonious peace between your mind and body. Contact us for a consultation today. 


For creatives who want to push their envelope and immerse themselves in experimental personal and creative expression. Using art, writing, and movement, we will lead you through mental and physical exercises to discover what lies beyond your conscious compulsions, digital obsessions, or current roadblocks.


Practicing and strengthening connection, creativity, and empathy help students or team members succeed both independently and together. By practicing expression and empathy, we help empower a team to evolve into a supportive community engine pushing personal and professional growth. Click here for open workshop events to join.  


Tap into your creativity to empower, enliven, and create joy.

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“Through gentle questions and guidance, she inspires us to integrate mind, heart, and body knowing through movement, art, and verbal sharing. Maggie creates a space of support and unconditional acceptance for whatever bubbles up, and we leave refreshed and reconnected with ourselves at the end of the experience.”

Cynthia Leslie-Bole, Poet, Writer and Life Coach

“The whole evening was transformative and left me with a kind after glow … achieved by unbundling all of the thoughts/emotions swirling around, leftover anxiety from too much news, too much worry about this or that. there was a lot of raw beauty in those two hours. thank you for having us and providing that portal!” 

Brian Pearson, Photographer

“From layered layers of movements in body, in hand, in eyes, in speech and back to body, I felt a simultaneous deepening within myself and surfacing of energies ready to let go.I particularly enjoyed the sensory process of drawing, the repetition of coloring, the sounds of shading my arising emotions, the visual representation of energies alive and enlivened on paper. Super cool!”

Eugenia Park, Massage Therapist and Ayurvedic Practitioner